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Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)

New Vacancy Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)


Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)

Working as a Kinyarwanda translator in the USA can be a rewarding career, especially if you are fluent in the Kinyarwanda language and have strong translation skills.

Posted6 November 2023
Salary$35 an hour
LocationRemote in the United States or Canada
Job RoleRemote
StatusPart time
Job AddressRemote in the United States or Canada
facilitiesFlexible schedule, paid training, work from home
job roleKinyarwanda Language Translator

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA) RESPONSIBILITIES

  • Provide timely communication with your manager regarding project work
    Consistent and reliable availability
  • Translating videos from the specified language into English
  • Ability to take feedback and make revisions

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA) SKILLS

  • Web search skills
  • Proficient on MAC or PC, Microsoft Applications and G Suite
  • Professional experience in interpretation and/or written translation with short turnaround times
  • Able to follow a set of given format guidelines to produce the end document

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA) REQUIREMENTS:

  • Responsive to emails
  • At least one year of professional translation or interpretation experience
  • Near-native command of English with strong grammar/orthography and punctuation skills
  • Ability to start and onboard efficiently

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Productive Playhouse INC is a leader in language acquisition. We are a data-driven company led by creative individuals. Our dedicated employees celebrate a diverse culture of equity, integrity, and compassion. Productive Playhouse is a special place to work, one we are excited to share with you. Encouraging a balanced work and home life, we sincerely value employee well-being. Our forward-thinking and careful observation of cultural experience has driven our teams and defined the Productive Playhouse mission.

Originating as an educational production company, PPH created many award-winning children’s series, teaching reading and other fundamental subjects, with programming in distribution around the world.

Our growth into a full-service data company began in 2011 and has expanded rapidly over the last decade. PPH currently offers our clients a wide range of data services including transcription, translation, linguistic analysis, rating, systems testing, localization, field and studio recording, language skill verification, and sensitive and diversity-focused data handling, with additional services being added continuously.

Job Description:-

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-Productive Playhouse is looking for language translators for large-scale projects in short periods of time. This project involves translating videos from Kinyarwanda to English with a turnaround time of 8 or 24 hours. Start times may vary, including overnight hours. Videos contain sensitive content and employees cannot refuse to translate/view at any time.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-The volume of projects will vary, and these companies are not able to guarantee a minimum amount of work. As part of this team, you can indicate your availability for a certain period of time, during which you are requested for work. We expect to receive many different assignments in the coming months, and we hope you will consider becoming part of our special projects team.

Importance Of Kinyarwanda Translator

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-In a globalized world, where people and businesses interact across borders and languages, translation facilitates effective communication. It allows individuals, organizations, and governments to convey information, ideas, and messages accurately and clearly, breaking down language barriers.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-Translation helps preserve and promote cultural diversity. It enables the sharing of literature, art, music, and ideas across different cultures. Without translation, many works of art and literature would remain accessible only to those who speak the original language.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-In the business world, translation is vital for international trade and commerce. It enables companies to reach new markets, localize their products and marketing materials, and negotiate contracts with partners from different linguistic backgrounds. Translation is essential in diplomacy and international relations. It allows diplomats and government officials to negotiate treaties, agreements, and communicate with foreign governments, ensuring mutual understanding and cooperation.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-Translation is critical in the academic and research fields. It allows scholars to access and share knowledge from different parts of the world. It’s also essential for students studying in a foreign language or for those who want to access research in languages other than their own. Translation is a fundamental tool for ensuring that everyone has access to important information, regardless of their language. This is particularly important in areas like healthcare, where accurate translation can save lives by providing medical information in the patient’s native language.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-In legal contexts, translation is used for interpreting laws, contracts, and legal documents. Accurate translation is crucial to ensure that parties involved understand the legal implications of these documents. Translation is crucial in human rights advocacy. It ensures that information about human rights abuses, legal proceedings, and important documents are accessible to a global audience, empowering advocacy and awareness.

Kinyarwanda Translator (USA)-In the tourism industry, translation helps travelers navigate foreign countries, understand local customs, and enjoy their experiences. It’s essential for providing information in multiple languages to accommodate international tourists. With the growth of the internet and software applications, translation is important for creating multilingual websites and software. It allows users to access information and tools in their preferred language.

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