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Project Control Specialist II

Project Control Specialist II In USA


Project Control Specialist II:

A Project Control Specialist II is a professional who typically works within project management or project control teams to ensure that projects are executed efficiently and within established parameters. The responsibilities and qualifications for this role can vary depending on the industry and the specific company.

Job Information: 

Job Vacancy NameProject Control Specialist II – HOU03OZ
Primary LocationUSA-TX-Houston
Reporting Manager TitleSenior Manager Project Controls

Full Job Information:

Project Control Specialist II-52,000 people. 51 countries. Over 121 office locations.
We’re not just engineers. We’re a global team of data scientists, consultants, construction workers and innovators all working to create a better tomorrow. Every day, we help customers in energy, chemicals and resources get one step closer to solving our planet’s toughest issues. Climate change. The energy transition. Digital transformation. And how we can deliver a more sustainable world.?

Project Control Specialist II-Whatever your ambition, there’s a path for you here. And there’s no barrier to your potential career success. For more information, visit

Job Duties:

Project Control Specialist II-Role combines duties across cost analysis and planning/scheduling. Prepare complex engineering and construction schedules for project proposals and projects in process; maintaining complex schedules on a current basis; preparing reports to management regarding project scheduling activities and ensuring the maintenance of all other essential records and reports; maintaining liaison with project management regarding scheduling activities. Prepare project cost reports assuming responsibility for their overall accuracy, completeness and timeliness; coordinating the cost analysis activities on one or more projects; liaising with project management on matters relating to cost control; making periodic site visits to review cost reporting; preparing comprehensive evaluation of cost escalation and contingencies.

Project Control Specialist II-Works under supervision and self-initiated technical guidance with regular weekly to monthly interaction with supervisor. Work is not generally supervised in detail and amount of supervision varies depending upon the assignment. Broad duties assigned monthly. Work is occasionally reviewed for accuracy. Usually technical guidance is available to review work programs and advise on unusual features of assignment.

Project Control Specialist II-Proficiently communicate ideas and concepts. Continue to develop the ability to influence participation in the preparation and delivery of proposals, presentations and reports.

Strong understanding of systems, processes and tools related to field. Able to assist others and troubleshoot issues.

Project Control Specialist II-University Degree, or equivalent, in related field or applicable discipline, or equivalent relevant experience. Typically 5+ years relevant experience.

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Offer For Employee:

Project Control Specialist II-Providing an agile culture and challenging work opportunities results in a positive work environment. Our people enjoy competitive compensation packages and a fun, personal, collaborative and safe working environment. We value equal employment opportunity and are committed to promoting fairness, equality and diversity.

Project Control Specialist II-Our policy is to conduct background checks for all candidates who accept an offer of employment with us.

Project Control Specialist II-If you have the passion and talent to keep up, it’s time to test the limits of what you can become. Find your future with Worley.
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About Company WORLEY:   

Worley, formerly known as WorleyParsons, is a global engineering, procurement, and construction company that provides professional services to various industries, including energy, resources, and infrastructure. The company is involved in delivering projects and services for clients across the world, contributing to the development and optimization of various facilities and infrastructure. Here are some key points about Worley.

1. Name Change:

Project Control Specialist II-In 2019, WorleyParsons rebranded itself as “Worley” to simplify its brand and reflect its integrated service offerings.

2. Core Services:

Engineering: Worley provides a wide range of engineering services, including front-end engineering design (FEED), detailed engineering, and process engineering.
Procurement: The company is involved in procurement activities, sourcing materials and equipment for projects.
Construction: Worley participates in construction and project management, overseeing the construction phase of various projects.
Project Management: Worley offers project management services to ensure the successful execution and delivery of projects.

3. Industries Served:

Energy: Worley works in the energy sector, including oil and gas, renewables, and power generation.
Resources: The company provides services to the mining, minerals, and metals industries.
Infrastructure: Worley is involved in infrastructure projects, including transportation and water.

4. Global Presence:

Worley operates globally, with offices and projects in numerous countries. Its international presence allows it to serve clients in diverse regions.

5. Innovation and Sustainability:

Worley is committed to innovation and sustainability in its projects. This includes finding solutions that are environmentally responsible and contribute to the long-term sustainability of resources and energy.

6. History:

The company was originally founded in Australia in 1971 as WorleyParsons. Over the years, it expanded its operations globally through acquisitions and organic growth.

7. Acquisitions:

Worley has expanded its capabilities through strategic acquisitions, integrating specialized expertise and services into its offerings.

8. Diverse Portfolio:

Worley’s portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from upstream oil and gas developments to infrastructure and renewable energy projects.

9. Employee Base:

The company has a large and diverse workforce consisting of professionals with expertise in engineering, project management, and related fields.

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